About Us
Licensed foreign exchange trading company

Our team of trading experts and asset management specialists works on behalf of our clients to maximize profits and minimize risks. We believe that there is a wealth of untapped financial potential in the forex market, and that these investment opportunities should be widely available. When our clients trust us with their funds, we use our expertise and advanced forecasting techniques to deliver significant and steady returns.

We cut out the jargon, and aim to make the investment process as simple and accessible as possible. We are committed to openness and authenticity, and release regular financial reports of our investment portfolio, showing how much we have earned for our clients.

Daily Income

Watch your initial investment increase
day by day, without lifting a finger!


Instantly deposit and withdraw funds
through our automated system.

Licensed and Secure

We are licensed forex traders and enter into
a formal, legal agreement with our clients.

Expert Trading

Our specialists work for you, taking calculated
risks and delivering consistent results.

Trust. Excellence. Results.

FX-ALLIANCE is a licensed foreign exchange trading company, based in UK.